Monday, September 15, 2008

Potong Pasir Bazaar and Birthday Dinner with Jane!

Believe it anot, I really had a very happy, enjoyable and marvellous weekend last sat, 13 Sept 2008. Beside spending time with Nicole, I managed to meet up with Ms Jane Tok again for dinner this year!

Ok, we'll talk about Nicole's Bazaar first. Saturday morning, I am supposed to be at Potong Pasir at 9am.. But due to the heavy rain and my sleepyness, I only managed to reach there at 9.15am. The best is that I was so hungry that morning, I decided to go for a McDonalds' breakfast and in the end, I only appeared at 9.45am. Oops... hahaha...

The set-up was pretty much of a mad rush. When I was reached there, I saw Nic and Wilfy setting up, I told myself that I better make myself useful.. haha.. or else I will be banned from the "helping list" next time perhaps...

You will be surprised at the items that nic and wilfy sells. haha.. the most sellable items are the doraemoan fridge megnets! fwah.. 1 for $0.20 and 3 for $0.50. woah...

Anyway the bazaar was really fun and I had loads of fun with nicole. I managed to grab her to take a pic with me finally! and here's the picture of Nicole and me... My first shepherd in Hope.. Ok, I shan't repeat the long-winded story le.. just that without Nicole, there will be no Faithtricia. :p Thanks Nic... :)
Later on, I met up with my bestie friend from NYP. She is one interesting character that I never thought that I could click off with her during our TEP (Teaching Enterprise Project) attachment. But really, it was fun running a little IT store, selling Macintosh computers with her.. watching 环珠格格 together, managing POS (Point-of-Sale systems) and doing design banner for our shops.. wahaha.. so cool. But the best part is that she is one that we can talk about almost anything. Though she comes from a pretty well-to-do family, she never ever boasts about it or even have a bit of 千金小姐 tantrum. She is just such a lovely babe... We serve in different churches but yet, I can sense the love that we have for God all in all. It is great to have friends that serve God together with you in spirit.

Jane is really a girl that is so sweet and wonderful. She is a woman of God.. really. Love her for that! Keep it up babe!!

All in all, God is good to me and He never fails to show me His favor. I am trusting Him for greater things ahead. :)



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