Monday, September 15, 2008

Compassion for foreign workers

It is kind of weird because I realised that I have a compassion for a pretty neglected group of people. These people are those who left their homes in their countries and come over to this small little island call Singapore to work. Therefore, they are called "foreign workers".

Nope. They are not the foreign expatriates that stay in nice service apartments nor do they have their families with them at this point. They are workers from Thailand, India, Blangadesh, China, Myammar, Sri Lanka etc. These are the workers that we see working on the roads, construction sites etc.

My dad used to be a driver ferrying these workers from destination to destination to work. So I thought that they are just another group of people that are uneducated, rough, boor etc. However, when I shifted from Ang Mo Kio to Yishun in 1998, my dad engaged some of these workers to help us in shifting the house. There and then, I realised that some of them are very nice people. They are not educated but they are humble and hardworking bunch, wanting to earn an honest living here for their families back in their countries.

I applaud their courage to leave their homes so that their families can have a better life back home. Now, I look at them as people who love their families, persevering and wanting to work hard for a better future. Who says that education is everything? In fact, some of the 'boors' that I've met might be people who are from the more educated or wealthier backgrounds. But surely, not all people respond these ways.

Some churches in Singapore charter buses for these workers to their services on weekends. I think it will really be nice if a ministry like this can be started here in Hope. God don't just love the professionals. God loves everyone the same. Hope to see this group of people knowing the Lord in ways that we can provide.

There are still so much room for growth, won't you agree with me in this? =)

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