Thursday, May 08, 2008

Family In Christ Knows No Boundaries

We had our Unit Meeting yesterday, after 2 months plus of break as we had WFL at Bible Hse for the past 2 months. So, the Unit meeting was kinda familiar and bonded as we all miss fellowshipping with one another. What made the Unit Meeting yesterday even more special was that Andrea, Cherise and Jaro (Andrea's Dad) came for the meeting with us. We had a good time of fellowship and worship together. After the whole thing, we went for supper together.

Man... the group was really BIG! We went to Chinatown Smith St for supper and we had 3 tables combined together. We had so much sharing and it was just so automatic that we all bought some stuff for each one of them. What I bought for Andrea and Cherise was these cute little stickers with their names printed on them, kept in a cute little card holder. I bought something else for Uncle Jaro. It was a metal box that can allow him to keep sweets, pills or vitamins inside... so that he won't have to keep them somewhere else. haha...

In return, they gave us a card each with this sweet photo of the 3 of them inside. I think Uncle Jaro was so touched by all of our acts that he started tearing. Oh man, once he started it, Cherise couldn't control as well, that her eyes started to well up in tears.

It is amazing to have brothers and sisters from all over the world, loving the same God and having the same vision. I enjoyed their companionship a lot. It seems that we do have many things in common...many common topics to talk and share about.

I will miss all of them. Just hope to go US one day to meet them... in Arizona. :p

I love u guys... u guys are just such dears to me!

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