Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Missions Reflection (Summary)

The missions trip last week is still fresh in my head. I wished that I have had more days to spend with the people in MaeSot, so that I can impart more things as well.

I am glad that I have managed to achieve my first objective that I have set earlier on... which is to serve people. I've done that well... not exceedingly well yet.. but I know that God is very happy for me. I have taught the leaders a great deal... on how to lead songs... discipleship and even imparting the spirit of winning the students for the Lord.

I am praying that the work will not just stop after we left MaeSot but in fact, it will start to flourish and bloom in the love of the Lord.

I love the people in MaeSot. In fact, I think I missed Achan Vajana, Achan Nuy, Noon, Oat, Jui, Bas, Wee and Bua. I miss them because they have shown me what it meant to give God all that we know and all that we have. Achan is always working so hard to visit the members and shepherd his flock.

And I am praying for the Mong village that there will be a revival in the village and that the love of God will spread quickly among the people. All tongues and tribes will know Jesus eventually.

I want to go again next year or 2008... anyone wanna go with me?? :p



Blogger Tiger said...

haha.. exciting right? :)

let the fire burn bright bright!

Thu Nov 16, 04:38:00 PM GMT+8 

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