Wednesday, November 01, 2006

As Missions Trip Draws Nearer...

As the missions trip draws nearer, my heart is filled with many mixed emotions and thoughts. But truly, even though there have been many trials lately, I know that God is doing a great deal of work in my life and many others' as well.

Thinking and praying through, what are my objectives for this Missions trip? Definitely, it is not sight-seeing or for relaxation purpose. My objectives is to get things in the right perspectives of God again. I have been going around in circles in my ministry and spiritual life for the past 10 years. Going around in circles might not necessary be bad, just that I need to learn to break out of this 'circle' format... Perhaps, it is time to go up the slope or even jump higher, run faster or learn to swim or blade?? haha... that is just some crappy thoughts of mine. The main idea is to have breakthroughs! Breakthroughs that even I can't imagine that God will do that in my life.. Breakthroughs that I will be able to proclaim God's loyalty and goodness in me.

I want to learn to give and not to receive. In any case, my mission there this time round is to serve and take care of my team-mates and the people of the church. And also, to bring joy to the people in the churches there.

My second objective is to spread God's love through my life story. Though my life story might not be 100% relevant, I want God to revive that gift of evangelism in me.. I want to touch people through sharing of Jesus' wonderful salvation, how he did it all for us... and how he will bring us to a life after the one that is on earth.

My third objective is to take time to think through about what I really want in my job and in my life. Frankly speaking, I don't feel any sense of satisfaction at all with the kind of pace that I am living in right now. It will be a time that changes will start taking place. Whether is it for job, ministry, family etc... I am definitely beginning to ponder about my life goals for the next 5 years.. and what will I want to achieve in 2007.

I have not yet fulfilled my breakthrough pledge... not just financially, but also my breakthrough desires. Lord, may you help me reach them as you think the best for me. :)



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