Monday, April 27, 2009

Those were the days...

As I look at most of the students today, I can only say that they are pretty much fortunate and blessed to have parents that can afford to buy them stuff that we (our generation) might seldom even think of last time.

As the parents' generation get more educated, sophisticated and the earning power increases as well, children's behaviors, needs and demands change and evolves naturally of course. If one parent do not place high value in building a kid's foundation and principles in their own character, I can foresee quite a fair bit of character problems in the future to come.

Thinking back, I ever remembered that life was really poor for me and my family. Now, we are only an average one. To think back, yes, we were once really poor. Going to fastfood restaurants - pizza hut, mcdonalds, KFC, A&W etc was basically once in 10 blue moons? We can't afford to even buy toys. All we (the siblings) could do is to play with our next door neighbours, hoping that they will lend us their toys.

I don't remember eating at MOS burger before till Nicole introduced it to me during my new believer's days. I have not even know what is Orchard Road till I went to my secondary school later on.

My mum and dad will often skip the celebration of birthdays as we were too poor to celebrate. Very often, when I had the slightest desire to just buy a story book that I like during book fairs in school, I will often get the scolding from my mum for asking too much from them.

Working since 13 years old often put me to think that I was not as fortunate as other kids and I missed out a lot during my growing up days. However, I have also gained many priceless learning points when I was working during my secondary school days. I often wonder, what will happen to me if i have not come to know the Lord. I guess that my life will still be quite a rotten and bitter piece. Thinking of which will be the last day for me on this earth, when will I be able to run away from home, just quit my studies and pursue a job that gives me a stable income etc.

Till this day, I can't help but to appreciate God and the people that He sent into my life when I was in my downest times and darkest valleys. The times when I faced many problems at home, no money to pay for my tuition fees during my poly days, when my father was hospitalised for a good 1 year, when I was finding difficulty even to have the money to take transport to school, God sent angels from all over the place to help me cross the hurdles.

Today, as I look back, I need to give thanks to God, be grateful to Him and give unconditionally to others who need help too. I don't think I am considered any high-income earners, but to the best I know how, I will do what I can to bless others. :)

And yes, those were the days... :)


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