Sunday, April 05, 2009

As the forum goes on....

I shall revive the blog with my latest updates here in China, Chengdu.

12-15 degrees celsius
cool weather
warm people
busy schedules
requests, requests and more requests
thankful heart to the Lord
nice and caring overseas colleagues

The trip to Chengdu has taught me many things. Independence. Cross-cultural values. Communication. Love for people. Sensitivity towards others.

Met people from Japan, Korea, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia... Not my first time meeting so many internationals but first meeting so many non-christian internationals.

It is kind of different you know.

However, I somewhat feel that God is teaching me something different. He is doing a new work in my heart. Taking out some stuff and repairing some parts. Maybe humans should go for servicing once in a while. :P

I'll be back on Tuesday... and yes, time to take a rest when I come back.


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