Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Take 5

Yes... I'm taking 5 from my work now... considerably the amount of information that I have to search high and low for the event next year.. and finally, I have finished compiling the costings for next year's event. We are contemplating to choose either Hainan, Cebu or Ho Chi Minh. I quite like Hainan and Cebu personally. But it seems that flights to Hainan is really expensive... faint.. it can cost up to SGD1,600-1,800 each person.. and the hotel ain't cheap either... haha... but i am looking forward to the trips next year. Hopefully can get to do a recce as well.

Anyway, Christmas is just next week! How fast can this be?!? A year has gone. 14 more days to a new year ahead. Many mixed feelings from within. 2008 has been a rather interesting year. I've been in 3 jobs, which meant 2 transitions in my work, and a shifting in and out of house, another transition. I don't remember writing down my resolutions in my blog but I do remember what my resolutions are about. Haha.. I managed to achieve some and some, I only managed achieve partial only. And of course, there were some that I didn't achieve at all. :(

But seriously speaking, it is ok. I am learning to take things in good stride and just simply move on.

I think I need to take a day off to rethink on the directions that I would like to take in 2009. :) It is simply good to just take 5 now...


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