Monday, July 07, 2008

TAG United becomes top 4!!

Ok, this is gonna be an interesting entry. After yesterday's service, I went to support the TAG United for their crucial match, for them to enter the finals. Haha... and guess what?? The organizer booked the timing of the field wrongly.. and then...

the soccer players of TAG all ended up lim-ing kopi in the kopitiam nearby. They really know how to relak indeed!! haha...

So instead of starting at 3pm, the match started at 5pm and ended at 7pm. It was a very nerve breaking match. Watch half-way, we say the super sud sud goal keeper Dave, who stopped the opponent team from scoring many many times. But Dave accidentally dislocated his left hand's middle finger and it went almost 35 degree out of place. It was pretty scary man. Haiz.. but still, I salute 15 to the max!

As for the rest, you can see the pictures for yourself. :p

TAG United won!! and the score was 5-2! Hooray!!!

The exhausted uncles! wahaha... :p

Tiger and his brother!


Dun u tink this pic is so cool meh... haha...



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