Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Worship Night 15 October 2007

I had a great time at the worship cum team ministry night yesterday. It was so awesome to be in the presence of God. Indeed, I can't deny the fact that Daniel seriously is a very anointed worship leader! I was very ministered by God in all ways yesterday. Whether it was the teaching, worship or prayer, everything was such a fresh new touch from God. Ps Johanes shared from the book of Daniel, chapter 1, verse 8-21. The whole message touched me the most when Ps Johanes talked about knowing and renewing our identity in God. He shared that we are all princes and princesses of our Father in heavens. My heart really melted at that point in time.

No doubt that I need to renew my identiy with Christ everyday of my life. I was very encouraged by Ps Johanes and also the people around me. haha... God made everything so timely isn't it?

Yup, just as I shared in my previous entry that struggles can make one grow, I know that encouragement from others can make me grow too! :) But the most treasured encouragement is still from the Father that loves you despite of all that you have done.

God is faithful.



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