Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bdae celebrations....

Ok. I think I have been eating and eating and eating and eating... catching up with so many people until I wanna explode from all the food.

So I will not say much here... but only "Thank You" to all that have sms-ed me, wrote on my facebook wall, celebrated bdae with me in big and small ways...

I am a blessed girl with blessed network of friends (697 till date)... hahaha... and still counting...

Let the pics speak the million words ba...

21 Sept 2008 - Dinner with Liping and Xiuping at Ministry of Food
(Bugis Junction)

26 Sept 2008 - Birthday Celebration with Colleagues

27 Sept 2008 - Tea-time with CG Gals (Rena, Lirong & Mikka)

27 Sept 2008 - Dinner with TK & TKGS girls

28 Sept 2008 - Birthday Lunch with CG

29 Sept 2008 - Birthday Dinner with Shirls and Nic...

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