Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Book of Joshua

Recently I just got to read from Ps Jeff's blog that he is on the book of Joshua. I was thinking that it was such a coincidence. Cos I just started on the book of Joshua not long ago.

Every time when I read Joshua, my heart will beat extra fast cos I am just so excited to see how this young man take the new generation of Israelites to the promised land, just by obeying and listening to God. It is an amazing journey to be with Joshua.

The details of how God helped Joshua win the battles and consecrate the people simply made me want to be there.

Consecration. Sanctification. Purification. Circumcision.

All these are simply what God desires of us, to be pure and holy, just like Him.

Courage, boldness, strength, encouragement, willingness, obedience etc.

Book of Joshua covers these traits.

Working towards these day by day. Jiayou!!



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