Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Memory of A Dear Friend, Li Hongyang (1983-2012)

Yup, this pic was taken in 2008, during my last days in FP. The colleagues surrounding me were my HR colleagues. But I am not going to talk about anyone else today, but one person. That is him, Hongyang. (The guy on the extreme left...)

I could almost remember the time when he joined us at HQ as a HR colleague. He is someone that you won't take note of as he has a very quiet and shy personality. But not until you know him, then you will realise that his gentle and genuine care for people is truly a magnet that attracts people to him.

I remember those times when we had lunches at the canteen, and bus trips from Tagore to AMK central. We would almost talked about our plans to further our studies, our work, our struggles at work, our personal lives etc. He leads a very simple life. Most of the time, it is either he will stay at home with his parents, read his favorite books or he would play badminton with his favorite gang of people. He is someone that you can count for help and never will he reject you nor show frowns on his face even when he is so busy at work.

Today, those who had known him as a colleague, no longer remain as colleagues, but friends. We knew that this chance had only lasted for a few short years but it is ok. Because we had the chance to cross our paths with each other.

Although he left early and had only 28+ years on this earth, he had left many many footprints in many hearts.

Hong Yang, I will always remember you in my heart.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hongyang was my classmate..

I read the news on Yahoo but couldn't confirm if it was him but the name n age matched so i was worried. I lost contact with all my classmates but still have hongyang's email address from back then, so i immediately sent him an email to ask how's he getting along but the singnet email bounced so i suppose he stopped the subscription.

I then emailed his best friend in class, email went through but i got no reply. I thought the article may not be refering to him then. until earlier this year when i met another classmate n he confirmed that hongyang passed away.

I feel sad about his passing, he was easily the nicest n most guy in class n was our class rep. For a healthy guy to go at 29 years of age is really too much to stomach. The recent stanchart marathon case reminded me of hongyang again..

It's also regrettable that i didn't attend his wake to see him 1 last time due to not being to confirm his passing n get details from his friends.

I still remember the memories we had, studying in the school library during break, playing LAN games in the classroom using school server, him helping to copy files for me, doing things for us as our class rep.. N it's so regrettable we didn't show him more care n concern when he was still around, now it's too late.

Thank you blogger for sharing this memory of hongyang n giving me a chance to share my feelings.

Tue Dec 13, 06:29:00 PM GMT+8 

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