Friday, March 05, 2010

First Meeting with Wedding Coordinator... Yvonne Kong!

Just on Tuesday, Alex and myself met up with Yvonne... our friend from HA. Somehow or another, we were all from Hope last time. But that is beside the point. The main point here is Yvonne is someone that we can trust to handle our wedding. She is the youngest amongst us, but yet her maturity is amazing! Got married in 2008, she has her son last year August, all by God's grace! And now, her son is almost turning 7 months old! haha... that is really amazing!

Anyway, we had a good discussion and talked about what are the things that we need to do and get back to her. So exciting! Talking abt all the buffet caterer, church, decor, tea ceremony etc... really sounds exciting. After the entire discussion, then I realised that we have missed out a lot of details. Time to buck up now! :p

In the midst of everything, I need to sit down and just look to God. Especially in times when one is feeling really weak. I am weak now, so God, strengthen me as I look to you. :)



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