Monday, December 14, 2009

Beginning life as a student once again!

Last week marked my first week back to school! Sounds like some students that have just finished their sch hols and have head back to the classroom... but if it is so... mine is a gd 8 years of hols... haha....

it seems to be a lil' awkward as I stepped into a classroom with unfamiliar faces... all adults... no kids... no growing teens... and we are all studying after work.

4 hours a day, for 4 days... one module to complete and understand... I thought that this will be a piece of cake but I was wrong. However, I knew that I need to learn to revise smart and work hard! (cos me ain't any smartie... I'm the work hard kind if u know what I meant...)

My lecturer is a UK lecturer but lecturing in an Aust school... I was kinda trying to connect the relevance but it is just tt...

He's a doctorate and what I felt was that either I was too rusty or he was just too high level. But I think it was most prob a portion of both, which made the learning experience quite challenging. But you know something, after taking such a long long break from school, and knowing that learning ain't going to be any easier, I told myself that I need to put my best into this.. give God my best and work with the Lord's wisdom. Work will not be any easier but I think God can help me anyway. So, trust Him.

All the past 4 days were good, learning and absorbing new knowledge like a sponge. Just that I fell sick for my Sat n Sun. I filled my Starbucks paper bag with loads of tissue papers... My nose was working real hard again... drip.. drip... drip...

So now, rest up n be ready for work tomorrow!! Challenges ahead... so ganbatte!!



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