Wednesday, December 09, 2009

studying and yet not

I'm trying to force myself to go through my Consumer Behaviour textbook in my office now but yet, I can't concentrate! Can't deny that technology is quite a distraction for me! ha!!

Just read Shirls' latest blog entry and somehow was reminded of my childhood. I didn't sell ice-cream but I helped my family to do some kind of gluing for the shopping bags that Takashimaya give out during Christmas... Perhaps, out of 25 pcs we glue, there is onlt a 30cents profit. But well, at least I know, my family was quite happy then.

I just thought that kids nowadays would have almost everything that we wouldn't have back then. But I forgotten that there are still those that are also in need, just as I was back then.

The entry of Shirls just simply blew me back to my past... woah! It is not just a story. It is reality. Perhaps, it is a reality check for society to work on giving and not just spending, sacrficial spirit more than selfish gains.

Thanks, Shirls. You got me thinking again. :)



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